Undisputed by The Smoker’s Club




The Smoker’s Club


Ted’s Budz




Ammonia, Garlic, Chocolate Muffin, Hard Water, Musky Paint, Ground Mustard Seed core.


Beautiful med-sized nugs. Resinous, sticky, perfect humidity, cure & trim. “A” Grade


Smoke: Sweet Mochi, Dark Fruit, light Pine, lingering Sour Gas.


Moderately Heavy Strength – Body high is dominant with couch lock symptoms. Hazy head, heavy eyelids and limbs. End of the night smoke at the end Not recommend for the morning.


Comin’ in hot with those 90’s Wrestlemania vibes is Undisputed, a smooth Gelato inspired flower The Smoker’s Club. This is the first of two packs they’ve dropped onto the market. We also got our hands on the other flower, “Jobstopper”, so be sure to come back for that review soon. Again, the lineage is unknown, so we’re going in blind for this one.

As soon as I peek into the package my eyes spark up. Any speck of light dances across the surface of the bud, refracting through the resinous trichomes like water drops on a spiderweb. Terps are well amplified, with a spicy garlic ammonia up front, followed by hints of dark chocolate and baked muffin. On the deep inhale there’s plenty of volatile organic compounds that are found in fresh paint and tap water. Breaking open the bud reveals a nose-singeing ground mustard seed aroma that doesn’t quite resolve into the caryophyllene black pepper savory funk that it suggests. Instead, it smells a bit more like hot pepper.

Smoking smooth weed like this always reminds me of what premium product is supposed to feel like going down as the inhale is milky and calm on the throat. The exhale starts a little tart before turning totally delicious with notes of dark fruit, candied gas, and sweet dough that makes me feel like I’m chewing on a piece of fresh sugared mochi with a hint of vanilla pine.

Potency was on the heavier than average side compared to what I’ve had recently. Hybrid effects with a heavy lean towards body high, muscle relaxation, and scattered thoughts.

I didn’t really find anything too interesting while vaping. For the sake of being a proper review, I’d say this is the only category where the flower fell a little short for me, but I’m just being a critic.

This is high quality, premium cannabis through and through. It can be a little tough deciding between strains when you are in a Gelato mood, as there is a lot to choose from, but… this should be one that you can confidently grab and not feel like you’re taking a gamble.