Circus Animals Magic Chocolate by Polkadot


Circus Animals Magic Mushroom Chocolate




Rich Vanilla.


Vanilla Ice Cream, White Chocolate, Buttered Almond, Powdered Sugar.


Ohhh, baby. See below.


Thanks so much to ZeroFux for hooking it up with this bar of Circus Animals flavored magic mushroom chocolate by Polkadot. This is quite a trip to see such fancy packaging and care that goes into making this product.

I love the pattern on the outside of this box – Murakami flowers, mushrooms, and fantastic colors that once the ball starts rolling you just roll the box back and forth in the light, gazing at the swirling refraction of color. Each flavor they offer warrants a totally different color pallette. I’ve had Mint Chip and Peanut Butter as well, which are as equally just as tasty.

This particular chocolate product is Circus Animals, a childhood favorite of mine. While taking a bite the white chocolate instantly starts to melt in your mouth, yielding buttery notes of vanilla, cotton candy, powdered sugar and tiny bits of crunch every now and then. It’s absolutely delicious.

There’s tiny bits of dried mushroom that get caught in your teeth after swallowing but that is to be expected. Make sure to have a beverage nearby to wash it down.

The effects… well here we go. Of course, the biggest thing that matters is dose and as I write this we’ve just eaten 4 pieces about an hour and a half ago. A heavy body high crashes down on me, but it comes in waves. My mind is exceptionally clear, but here I go, zoning out for extended periods of time, maybe not so clear.

My whole forehead and third eye feels like it’s been opened up and someone is taking a miniature water gun to my brain, just spraying every now and again. A rush of euphoria surrounds me like a warm blanket, and then leaves me like a lover vanishing in the middle of the night.

In the past, I’ve taken a dose of 12 pieces which were the same effects above, but with 3x the amplification. The only change that I noticed was there was slight visual sensations that would occur – something out of the corner of your eye that changed and when you go to look at it… right back to normal. Confusing for the mind, until logic kicks in. You’re on mushrooms, dude.

I’m no expert when it comes to magic mushrooms, but from my personal experience this is a high quality, premium product. From the packaging, depth of flavors, and potency this an all around knockout and if you can get yours hands on some then you can be assured your in safe hands.