Minnit Made by Grandiflora Genetics


Minnit Made


Grandiflora Genetics


Ted’s Budz


Project 4516 x Zkittlez #9


Laundry Sheet, Sour Chamomile, Floral & Musky Citrus Bouquet, Sweet & Meaty Black Pepper core.


Med/small-sized nugs. Airy, sticky and squishy. Perfect humidity, fantastic cure, and nice trim. “A” Grade


Dry Pull: Vanilla Taffy

Sweet Tarts, Creamy Gas, lingering Candied Mixed Fruit & Violet Dough.

Vapor: Herbal Cough Drop, Juniper, Mentholated Vanilla finish.


Above-Average Strength – Dominant head high with medium body sedation. Alert, creative, and fuzzy like a daytime soap opera.


I’ll admit it if no one else will. Whenever I see a flower on the shelf that suggests orange terps are inside, I tend to stay away. Do I hate orange as a flavor? No, absolutely not, but it can be a little intense while smoking, whereas vaping and dabs tend to be a bit more enjoyable. I don’t know why that double standard occurs, but that being said… this strain has ZERO orange terps despite the cultivars title.

Minnit Made is a marriage between a flagship flower from Grandiflora, Project 4516, and Zkittlez #9. We saw this same lineage show up as the sought after “The Doggy Bagg” from Cookies, which was cultivated by Grandiflora. Still, this one seems like an alternate cut.

“Ah, what a delight.” perfectly sums up the nose on this beautiful flower. The Z is prominent, giving me fresh dryer sheet, light hints of floor cleaner with a bouquet of citrus that never turns towards specific fruit. It’s a balanced medley that plays off deeper notes of musky chamomile on the backend while breaking open the bud reveals something very different: A sugary, savory, almost steak-like black pepper radiates from the core while tumbling against the Z. This nose is definitely for the connoisseur in mind, I can’t wait to smoke this.

It should be noted that this is the best looking flower that I’ve had from Grandiflora. It’s clear this was cultivated by experts with precision and love for their craft. It’s airy structure and loud terps signal that PGRs weren’t being jammed into this one.

For the smoker with the educated palate this is quite a treat. On the inhale there’s a creamy gas that commands my attention, while the exhale features the delicate sweet floral notes from the Zkittlez. In fact, the taste is so nuanced that I’m only able to compare it to Choward’s Violet candy mints. This subtle note continues through the lingering exhale, which brings back a smashing symphony of fresh fuel and vanilla dough. We’re talking real connoisseur level terps here, I’m tremendously impressed.

Overall, this is one of more unique flowers that I’ve had over the past year with an unparalleled knack for balanced flavor and aroma. I would strongly recommend you grab this one if you like the sound of the terps. Low Temp combustion is where this one really shines.