Jobstopper by The Smoker’s Club




The Smoker’s Club


Ted’s Budz




Hazelnut, Musky Raccoon, Sugar Cookie, touch of Cheese and Cedar, Astringent Black Pepper core.


Frosty med-sized nug and smalls with a dense structure. Humidity is alright, trim is great. Perfect for joints and vapor.


Dry Pull: Brown Sugar Anise

Smoke: Creamy Gas, Nutty Dough, Cacao Sorbet.

Vapor: Tangy Herb, Yeasty Biscuit, Sour Fuel, Pink Peppercorn finish.


Moderate Strength – Even-tempered body and head high with slight edge to the body. Calming, meditative, sessionable.


After a stellar bag of Undisputed (just a few posts back) we are back with Jobstopper from The Smoker’s Club. The mascot of this flower, a stoned everlasting gobstopper from the Wonka Candy Co., suggests we should be prepared for a potent, candy-inspired cultivar. Let’s see what’s inside the pack.

It was just the other day that I was reminiscing over hazelnut terps and how it’s been a minute since I’ve found a flower that featured this unique, nutty aroma. Look no further, as this is a welcoming burst of not only hazelnut, but freshly baked sugar cookie with little bits of parmesan and wood chips sprinkled on top. There’s a trashy, feral musk that smells like a racoon that’s just been through the garbage. Breaking open the bud reveals that classic caryophyllene core that always reminds me of toasted black pepper.

Once again, we find a rich, creamy and gassy texture on the inhale followed by sweet dough and bittersweet dark chocolate that gives off a sorbet-like finish. This feels like primo smoke as it passes through the pulmonary system.

Dry pull is filled with flavor, giving off a herbaceous anise that’s dripping in sweet, dark molasses.

For me, the inhale during vaporization is tangy and sour, with a hint of sage and beer biscuit. The exhale turns a little more gassy with bits of crushed pink peppercorn and juniper.

Overall, this flower is another winner from The Smoker’s Club. I only wish that the humidity was a tad bit higher in the pack, but that’s the only constructive criticism that I can offer. A solid pickup if you’re in the mood for those classic candied hazelnut terps.