Blue Raspberry Gelato by Cannatique


Blue Raspberry Gelato






Bonafide Mayflower


Blueberry Floor Cleaner, light Mozzarella, Charred Sour Spearmint and Wet Grass.


Med/small nugs that resemble the structure of a potato chip: airy and crisp.


Dry Pull: Nondescript

Smoke: Tart Air, Doughy Cream.

Vapor: Piney Mentos.


Average Strength: My body feels like I’m being weighed down by an invisible backpack filled with bricks. Slight head pressure. Calm, focused, still alert.


Blue Raspberry Blow Pops were one of my all-time favorites growing up. Probably born out of some laboratory in Finland, it’s flavor that can’t be found in the wild. It doesn’t taste like blueberry, or blackberry, or currants, grapes, and it hardly tastes like raspberry. It just tastes… blue. Delicious blue.

When I finally had the opportunity to grab this Blue Raspberry Gelato from Cannatique I was so excited to check out these terps. I’ve already had the original LCG, the Platinum, Lemon Raspberry, and Black Raspberry. All of these were bomb when I had them so you know I have the same expectations for this pack. Well… let’s see what happened.

The bud is appealing in the bag. A kiefy frost lays over the surface like a sheet of fresh snow. Nice. But if I can barely get a smell, even after dipping my whole face into the bag, we got a problem. Volume is at 1, maybe 1.5 if I’m being generous. What I do find is astringent, slightly floral and fruity, hints of sour cheese, burnt mint, and dominantly leaning towards notes of wet grass.

As I break open the bud I laugh, and cry, a little. There’s just nothing more to be discovered.

As I chug a couple puffs I can’t help but think that this is very close to flavorless via combustion. It’s smooth on the throat and somewhat creamy and doughy. A hint of tartness is there on the inhale, but not enough to call it an actual flavor.

Vapor provided me with the most flavorful experience. I got subtle notes of a pine-infused mentos that’s already been chewed. Yum.

The best thing this has going for it are its looks and effect. Strength isn’t diminished in any way, and still holds the same potency I’d expect from top tier cannabis.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve had so major hits from Cannatique, the Lemon Raspberry Gelato I had was especially scrumptious. But this ain’t it. Pass.

The Fire Scale: