Creme Glacee by Dub’z Garden x Hi Tech x La Coz


Creme Glacee


Dub’z Garden x Hi Tech x La Coz


Ted’s Budz


Speculoos Butter, Pizza Crust, Crumbled Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla.


Three huge, frosty nugs. Excellent selection. Trim is perfect. Humidity is a bit low, but perfect for vaping.


Dry Pull: Vanilla

Smoke: Mixed Cookie Doughs.

Vapor: Cool Whip, Pillow Mint, Pine-Infused Milkshake.


Average Strength – 50/50 body/head high that kept me uplifted and relaxed my body tension simultaneously. Enjoyable any time of day or night.


This team is on fire right now. Everything I’ve had from Dub’z Garden, La Coz, and Hi Tech over the past few months has been superb quality. We all know that good flower can sometimes be batch to batch, even from the same team. So it’s amazing to see such quality and consistency coming out time and time again. It feels like this team is in their prime.

Although I can’t confirm the lineage, a Google search suggests that this *could* be from the Ice Cream Cake family. My nose picks up familiar, ultra creamy and sweet terps that I’ve found in the best Oreoz strains.

This is the kind of aroma that you’d expect to come with a side of milk, as the smell even resembles homemade brownie batter before it’s been popped into the oven. It’s not all sugar and dough though, as a spicy, yeasty note comes out strong. Oddly enough, it reminds me of opening a cardboard delivery box filled with fresh, hot Margherita pizza. Breaking open the bud presents a meaty, savory core that keeps me coming back each time I pack a bowl.

They really hooked it up with the nug selection here, as my eighth was comprised of just three perfectly manicured buds. Gorgeous.

If you’ve been missing old-school Girl Scout Cookies and creamy, vanilla cookie dough terps then this is the bud for you. The smoking experience during inhale is absolutely delightful, creamy and smooth on the throat. The exhale is one chord, but it’s a glorious one as several notes of the best doughy terps that I’ve had in a long time come together to create a symphony. Chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar dough, speculoos, it’s all there.

Vaporization is just as flavorful, with delicate notes of creamy pine wrapped up in a sweet cream and milkshake bow.

Although the humidity was a bit off for me, this wasn’t enough to damper my experience in any way. Combustion was not effected at all, as my throat found no agitation conquering the largest of milky rips.

All in all, this reminds me of the very best vanilla-like Wedding Cake, doughy GSC, chocolately Oreoz, and smooth, funky Gelato flowers that I’ve had, all blended into one concoction. Definitely grab a fresh batch of this if you like this style of flower. Highly recommended.