Christmas Sprinkles by Sprinklez x Torch


Christmas Sprinklez


Sprinklez x Torch


Bonafide Mayflower


Sour Foot, Musky Processed Cheese, Savory Black Pepper core.


Three large/med sized champion nugs. Glittery surface. Tight, dense colas. Beautiful, perfect trim. Humidity is super low as the bud turns into a powdery crumble between my fingers.


Dry Pull: Nondescript

Smoke: Sour Fuel, Rubber Panna Cotta, Beer Cheese.

Vapor: Tarragon Mentos, Velveteen Pine, hint of Sour Gas.


Light Strength – Body relaxation and tingle up my spine. Focused, alert, with thin head pressure.


On 4/20 of last year I had the opportunity to try a few bowls and a joint of Marshmallow Sprinklez and one other flower from them that I can’t recall. They were both fine, standard Gushers style crosses that were almost identical to each other. Flash forward to today as we review the brand for the first time on this page with a jar of Christmas Sprinklez.

My eyes light up at first glance of this bud. Wide, bulbous trichromes envelope the plant at every nook. Spinning the bud in the sunlight makes me feel like I’m holding a tiny green disco ball. The bud looks absolutely stunning.

But my nose is disappointed by the volume of terps. I’d suspect this is due to the lack of a freshness seal on the jar. This seems like a rookie move at this point. Get a seal on your jar, it isn’t that hard.

The volatiles that I do pick up are a little musky, funky and creamy with soft notes of Velveeta cheese and fungal foot. It’s a bit sweet and woody, but honestly it’s just so hard to tell when the volume is this low. Maybe a 2-3 max.

As I break down the bud to pack a bowl the flower completely collapses into a kiefy crumble. It’s close to powder at this point. It has seen better days.

During combustion, I found creamy rubber, some sour gas, and garlicy beer cheese to be suggested on the palate. Unfortunately, this was a tough one to pull out as the flavor takes a backseat to the spicy, earthy smoke that dominates the palate.

To me, this bud looks, smells, and tastes shockingly similar to Ether by The Fire Society, which is a superb flower. Oddly enough, this is the same comment I had last year when trying their flower. I can’t confirm, but I suspect there is a bit of relabeling the same flower going on here. When your instagram doesn’t show any flower, only art design that changes frequently that’s a tiny red flag in my book.

But this lack of humidity is what really kills the terps, and this one for me. Vapor was a little more pleasant than smoke, but not enough to bump this up to a great experience. Overall, the flower seems like it could be really good, just need to get some better systems to ensure that the consumer has the ability to receive fresh product. This one was packaged in Mid December and was opened up a few weeks ago, so it should have not been effected by time.