Watermelon Haupia by Shopping Carts


Watermelon Haupia


Shopping Carts


Watermelon Skittlez x Gelato 33


Tropical Astringency, Rubber Eraser, Rainbow Sherbet, Feral Musk, Candied Funk & Dryer Sheet core.


Large/med buds with varying structure from wide to stalky. Compressed clusters of sugary purple leaves leave this bud dense, but squishy and malleable. Great health, humidity, and care. “A- Grade”


Dry Pull: Sour Mixed Melon Candy Doughy Funk

Smoke: Watermelon Agua Fresca, Sour Candy Core Acids (citric, tartaric, fumaric, malic, etc.), Musky 2-Stroke Smoke, Honeydew.

Vapor: Bubblegum, Lavender, Ammonia, Orange Rind, Poached Pear.


Above-Average Strength. Heavy headband and eyelid pressure, yet focused and attentive mind. Lethargic body, heavy limbs and slight euphoric body symptoms. Perfect for zoning out hard into a creative project, video game, or drifting into a siesta.


A couple years ago the cannabis gods aligned to bless ShoppingCarts and the world with a new terp profile of coconut flesh and ube from their flagship flower, Haupia, a proprietary LCG x Bacio cut.

Lightning strikes twice as the Willy Wonka of weed brings us Watermelon Haupia, a wonderful blend of Watermelon Skittlez x Gelato 33. This one is special.

The nose is loud, complex, and lulls me into its arms. Up front is a tropical floor cleaner that grabs my attention before revealing pink eraser and loads of creamy cotton candy sorbet. On the backend, there’s a familiar musky feral note from the 33 that keeps you coming back for more. There’s magic as I bring my nose to the bud, cracking it open. Similar to the wild rainbow of terps that I get from RS11, I’m picking up a savory, sour candied funk that got smashed into a floral dryer lint sheet.

I’ve seen some pretty terrible looking Zkittlez crosses over the years. Flat bushy leaves that shine like cardboard but have plenty of terps is not out of the ordinary. But of course there’s been some bangers like Zushi. As you can tell by the photos, this pretty flower is rich with glistening resin, but it’s not exactly turning heads either. As noted above, the bud is extremely well grown and cured/trimmed with precision.

From the moment the smoke began to escape my lungs and roll over my palate, creamy notes of melon began to pop. ShoppingCarts themselves describes this as a Watermelon Agua Fresca and I believe that couldn’t be any more accurate. Yet, the flavor still develops as there’s a musky smoke that has a bit of gas behind it, too. Almost like you’re stuck behind a wolf riding on a tiny dirtbike.

A bright acidic note that comes into play on the tip of my tongue – the kind of zing that you get when sucking on a Warhead or Sour Skittle. Finally, a new and noteworthy terp finishes off the lingering flavor sensation: honeydew. It’s absolutely stunning and totally unexpected. And like I mentioned previously, this could be uncovering an entirely new terp profile.

The dry pull was delicious and filled with flavor. Vapor was also just as interesting and unique. Bubblegum, lavender, cleaner, chocolate orange rind all make an appearance. I’ve never had buttery poached pear makes its way to my mind when describing cannabis flavors, but it’s truly on my mind here as it lingers on the palate after successive draws after stirring.

For me, potency was also a plus. I found the effects to be quite strong, leading me into a visceral and sometimes existential mindset. A catalyst to let my mind run free.

I’m going to give this one a must try recommendation. The ShoppingCarts team is churning out some of our most innovative and delicious flower we have today. This could be a contender for best new strain of ’22.