Gassius Clay by S.I.A.S. Canna Co. x Ted’s Budz


Gassius Clay


S.I.A.S. Canna Co. x Ted’s Budz


Rainbow Chip x Runtz


Astringent Berry, Cheesy Floor Cleaner, Candied Lavender, Surgical Glove, Grassy Pool Water. Flinstones Vitamin & Savory Pepper core. (VOL. 5)


Med-sized nug selection. Humidity isn’t sticky, but not dry whatsoever. Stuck in the middle with a pale pea green hue. Purple leaves punch through here and there. Trim/manicure is great. “B Grade”


Dry Pull: Sweetened Black Tea & Toasted Spearmint.

Smoke: Sweet Velveeta, Musky Play Doh, Matcha Mochi finish.

Vapor: Yeasty Grass, Chamomile, Dried Root, Grapefruit Rind.


Above-Average Strength – Super spacey head high, like you just received a strong right hook to the temple, your headband now surrounded by a halo of chirping blue birdies. Knockout symptoms as I just don’t want to get up from chair. I’d rather tap out.


Just a SparkNotes style review as I’m wrapped up with too many writing projects at the moment but I still wanted to get this one out there.

Exotic Genetix’s Rainbow Chip seems to make up the bulk of this flower as it’s stinky cheese funk hits you square on the nose right outta the pack. The Runtz offers some astringency and bursts of fruit when breaking open the bud.

What makes this bud stand out for me is its potency – hard-hitting in all the right places. Plus, I found that the smoke sort of tastes like the cheese that you get when you order nachos at a roller rink. Cheers.