Peanut Butter Scotch by Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Peanut Butter Scotch:


Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Ted’s Budz


Sweet Earth, Nutty Funk, Mint, Grilled Pearl Onion & Meaty core.


Tight, twisted colas, sticky with nice humidity. Med/large sized buds. Excellent health.


Dry Pull: Sweet, Nutty Dough.

Smoke: Browned Butter, Cacao Nib Ice Cream, Toasted Gas, Brown Hash & Rubber finish.

Vapor: Almond Cookie, Lavender, hint of Pine on backend.


Medium Strength – Body high dominant hybrid. Calming, soothing, light muscle tension relief. Clear head, sensitive to light, slight heavy eyelids. Anytime of the day smoke unless you need a pick-me-up.


So thrilled to have another pack of flower from Dub’z Garden x La Coz today. This team has been slaying it with their product and I expect no different from this Peanut Butter cross. I’ve noticed that PB terps tend to get screwed up pretty regularly, resulting in a earthy, doughy mess.

Thankfully, this is dialed in just right. My nose hits the bag and I’m immediately transported to a field of crushed peanuts that comfortably nestle beside patches of sweet earth and mint. Breaking open the bud sets off my senses with savory salivations of beef and browned onion, just enough to bring out the enzymes. Volume rides at about a 6.5, so this wields ample volume.

Gorgeous bud, too. Upon opening the pack I found the product to be sticky, fresh, and handled with care through distribution. Very nice cure and inspection through 30x magnification tells me that the bud is healthy and shown love during cultivation.

If you’ve never been a fan of sweet, earthy terps than this one may challenge your bias. These delicate flavors can go south quickly, but this Peanut Butter Scotch nails it. Following the lightly doughed inhale, there’s a nutty taste that I’ve found when browning butter in a pan. A creamy, bittersweet note akin to cacao nib stops in for a moment before giving way to pink peppercorn gas. Finally, an earthy brown hash takes over some of my attention, but a tinge of melted rubber takes stage on the lingering backend.

Notably, the dry pull on this flower is rich and nutty, showcasing it’s prized possessions. Vapor is smooth with hints of buttery OG, but the nuttiness doesn’t come through the way it does via combustion.

Honestly, I feel like Peanut Butter Scotch is just superb and a huge bear hug for the consumer who wants to buy something other than Gelato at point of purchase. Keep killing it Dub’z x La Coz and we’ll keep buying.