Bubblegum Haupia by Shopping Carts x Mount Burnin


Bubblegum Haupia


Shopping Carts x Mount Burnin




Fresh Laundry, Black Licorice, Permanent Marker, Lavender, Ammonia, Cereal Milk core.


Med/Lrg-Sized Nug Selection. Bud breaks down into a kiefy crumble. Pale amber green with dark, midnight purple leaves fighting for time in the limelight. Excellent cure and trim. “B+”


Fabric Softener, Kushy Fuel, Musky Floral Dough finish.


Well Above-Average Strength: Strong head and body high. Heavy eyelids and limbs. Rambling thoughts. Gravity is a little heavier than usual. It’s almost as if you can feel the earth spinning faster, embracing you to its bosom. Or in this case, my couch.


This marks my fifth review in the fantastic Haupia line up of flavors from ShoppingCarts. Go back to find my notes on Haupia, Haupina, Waupia, and most recently, Watermelon Haupia and you will find one common thread: this team puts out nothing but fire. Also, Bubblegum Haupia is crowned with the Mount Burnin crescent, so I know we’re in good hands with this pack. It’s as if the Coen brothers never split.

The nose is aggressive, sharp, and biting. Volume checks in at around 8.5, pushing 9. For me, the smell of hot laundry that’s just been pulled out of the dryer is totally dominant, followed by even more herbal, floral memories like lavender bush and star anise.

I would find it hard not to realize the astringent volatiles here as anything other than distant cousins of Xylene and Toulene – the pleasant chemical compounds that are found in a Sharpie marker as you first lift off the cap. There’s just the lightest hint of cheesy gelato musk on the backend, but not enough to say it’s a feature.

Breaking open the bud reveals a sugary, oat-like aroma, almost like at the end of a bowl of Lucky Charms. It’s quite addictive.

While the inhale is a heavy rush of butane gas that tests the user’s command of breathing techniques to abstain from a coughing fit, the exhale is smooth as crushed velvet. It’s a rewarding experience on the palate as delicate floral notes remind me of the very best Z-crosses.

At low temp combustion I found some delicious kush and fuel, which made its way for a musky, slightly tart and floral dough finish. I would say this almost goes into Hibiscus flower territory. In true form, Haupia keeps a tropical vibe.

As noted above, for myself, the potency was exceptionally strong, with just going below heavy strength. This review definitely took a little longer to write than usual.

What can I say other than this is just another testament to the consistent quality that I’ve seen from this team. Quality flower, through and through.