Cocoa Leche by Mamey’s Bodega


Cocoa Leche


Mamey’s Bodega


Imperial Club




A balanced mix of: Sugary Dough, Astringent Basil, Mint, & touches of Lavender, Sweet Musk, Pink Eraser core.


The buds in my sample were absolute perfect humidity, and beautifully rode that fine line between too sticky for vaporization and too dry for vapor. In the sunlight, specks of glittery trichomes twinkle as I spin the bud around. Excellent health, cure, and trim. Clearly loved throughout every step of the process.


Dry Pull: Rainbow Striped Gum

Smoke: Hashy Fuel, Doughy Mothball, lingering notes of Milky Kush

Vapor: Cardamom, Aloe, Juniper, Agave-infused Diesel finish.


Heavy Strength. A clean, yet super stoney high. Towelie eyelids with wraparound head pressure. Muscle relief is dominant in the shoulders. Light and sound is magnified. My neighborhood just seems so much louder today, and I know it’s this because of this big entourage effect going on. Peaceful thoughts, very chill.


Up first in the trio of new flavors from Mamey’s Bodega is Cacao Leche, a small batch, soil-grown flower with undisclosed genetics.

This flower is distributed by Imperial Club, an amazing delivery service out of Los Angeles that curates a rotating selection of fire. They drop nothing but heat.

For me, the nose is quite rubbery and herbaceous with just the slightest hint of citrus on the backend. A melange of sweet musk is feint, but still part of the overall aroma. Breaking open the bud boosts those rubbery terps even more. Volume resides around an ample 7.

True to its name, my fingers are left with a bit of a hashy cocoa powder smell while packing a bowl. After the grind, this specific terp reaches the pinnacle of its presence.

The buds are dense. Tightly bound leaves like this cultivar really pack a punch when smoking one-hitters like I traditionally do. I find myself needing to pack a lot less, as the smoke becomes far too viscous and spicy, heavier on the lungs when not given proper airflow.

At higher temperatures of combustion I found the smoke to be a heavy mix of spicy fuel, doughy ammonia, and creamy kush.

Vapor was wild, as I pulled out these weird, vegetal, agave-like terps smoothed out by aloe, with hints of pod spice and huge notes of fuel on the end. While the agave just kept going. Very curious about this one.

As noted above… this bud is heavy, man. There’s a reason why you need a referral to get your hands on this stuff. It’s hard to find weed that hits like this in any dispensary. I’m not saying it’s not out there, but yeah, you’re gonna have a tough time spending a few racks and smoking through a ton of less potent flower trying to get there. This one checks off all the boxes if you’re looking for that uber-stoney, turn you into a South Park character kind of high.

A valiant offering from Mamey’s Bodega, definitely one to grab if you’re looking for some heavy effects. But make sure to act fast when it drops, as this cultivar will always be in limited supply due to the small batch facility that it comes out of. Looking forward to trying to Mamey Milk next week, and Sakuma the following. Stay tuned.