Sakuma Drops by Mamey’s Bodega


Sakuma Drops


Mamey’s Bodega


LCG Cross


Cherry Cheese Danish, Jolly Rancher Musk, Savory Pepper, Sour Foot Astringency.


Kiefy, forest green flower with bits of royal purple poking through. Nug selection is mostly small/med buds, common for LCG crosses. Humidity is damn near perfect, leaving a sticky, fruity glue on my fingers. Excellent health, trim, and cure. “A” Grade


Smoke: Gassy Black Cherry, Fun Dip Powder, Tart Fuel Pastry.


Average-Medium Strength: Euphoric body high with some wraparound headband pressure with slight focus on the frontal lobe. Focused thoughts. Fantastic for a summer picnic in the park. For locals, head up to Barnsdall Park in Los Feliz and enjoy the sunset while smoking on this. Pair with an Aperol Spritz and you’d be in heaven.


This is the second of a trio of flavors released from Mamey’s Bodega. Scroll back just a few posts to find my thoughts on the first, Cocoa Leche. Los Angeles locals can procure this pack through the way of Imperial Club, a fantastic delivery service with a highly curated, always rotating menu.

At first, Sakuma Drops smells like a fantastic sack of feral and funky foreign fruit that’s been soaked in floor cleaner and sweet cheese. Then, a blast of dehydrated mint comes at you before it settles into a terp that smells like a pork broth you’d find in good ramen. Some cracked black pepper rounds it out. Volume is around an 8.

While most LCG crosses break down into a sandy crumble, but this flower is much easier to work with. As noted above, this was grown with extreme care and expertise. The cure is exceptional, as a juicy mix of terps are present, while maintaining a perfect level of humidity. I don’t like this trend of extended cures that most growers are doing nowadays, but that’s just me.

Personally, I found the smoking experience on the palate to be nothing less than stunning. To compare once again, the OG LCG is more of an astringent lemonhead, but this is completely different. A rich fruit, most similar to black cherry, coupled with a wallop of gas, is the first flavor to roll over the palate. Next, a whole rainbow of candy fruit appears, but it’s only for a moment, which creates this urge to come back for more to pick up on new notes. It makes each hit a new puzzle to figure out. This newfound candy fruit flavor always turns tart, with rich, RICH fuel backing it up. It’s so easy and smooth on the palate, this is premium terps.

I found the effects enjoyable, and average strength at first, but this one really creeps up on you. Meditation inducing, I just want to leave my house and be one with nature… but it’s too hot right now in LA. So in this case, be one with the purring sound of central air conditioning.

Sakuma Drops is a true winner, and a real treat for the fan of LCG crosses. Definitely worth picking up if you got the connect. Link up with Imperial Club (if you haven’t already) to score this fabulous flower.