Mamey Milk by Mamey’s Bodega


Mamey Milk


Mamey’s Bodega


Imperial Club


Spent Motor Oil, Kraft Powdered Parmesan, Sweaty Dirt, Mint Chocolate Gas, Pool Water & Bubblegum Dryer Sheet core. Vol. 6


Med/Small nug selection. Definitely an LCG cut of some kind, so, average for its size. Humidity is just in the sweet spot for any 0delivery method of choice (vape, jay, bong, etc.) “B+”


Smoke: Trix Yogurt, Tire Musk, Stone Washed Minerals, Diesel finish. Vol. 6


Average Strength. Hits hard at first, but mellows out shortly, leaving me with an uplifting body high and a fair amount of hazy head pressure. Perfect for dog walks, trail hikes, and when you want to get shit done but can’t be bothered with other people.


I’ll admit that I’ve never had the opportunity to smell or taste the exotic fruit, Mamey Sapote. Google describes it as a creamy, avocado like texture that evokes memories of sweet potato and pumpkin pie, with bits of peach and apricot.

With that small amount of context, let’s leave that aside to focus on Mamey Milk, the introductory flower in the series from Mamey’s Bodega. This packaging is by far my favorite, as the forced perspective really makes this feel like weed that you would buy in Toontown.

Nosing the bag reveals a healthy amount of the smell you get when walking by a collected pool of fresh and oxidized motor oil from your neighbor’s spot in your parking garage. Okay, maybe that was a bit personal, but hopefully it paints an aromatic picture.

Next, bits of commercially produced powdered parmesan, like the kind you find in a one-time use packet from delivery pizza. This fuses with bit of dust and sweat, almost like… okay I’ll stop with the metaphors. Last, a bit of mint chip ice cream fuel reveals itself before I break open the bud – chlorine, and somehow a bit of bubblegum z terps. To sum it up, the nose is wild and complex.

While the inhale is creamy and smooth, flavor starts to open up on the exhale to a melange of artifical fruits that I can best describe as trix yogurt, which is a product that I haven’t had for decades, but really, it’s giving me flashbacks here.

Rubber meets the musk before giving way to a minerality that you might find in the aftertaste of Perrier or a hogo-forward Jamaican rum like Hampden 46. It’s kind of filthy, in a good way. A short finish of diesel concludes the profile.

If you’re looking for a solid LCG cut then you’ve landed on one here. And if anything, this is a must for any cannasseur who likes to collect fantastic cannabis packaging. Cause this is one of the best I’ve seen.