Hollywood Silky by Mount Burnin x OG Collective


Hollywood Silky


Mount Burnin x OG Collective


Foreign Stone Fruit Floor Cleaner, Camphor, Oily Hazelnut Musk, Balsamic Rosemary backend. Evergreen Bergamot core. Vol. 8


Brilliant, large/med nug selection. Extensive trichome coverage. Excellent humidity, trim, cure, and health. “A” Grade.


Dry Pull: Maple Macaroon

Smoke: Mocha, Pod Spice, Yeasty Gas, lingering Sugary Trashy Tannins. Vol. 7

Vapor: Sweet & Nutty Beer Biscuit Fuel, Spiced OG Pine. Vol. 6.


Above-Average Strength – To me, this feels most like a 50/50 hybrid. Ultra-relaxed, care-free, mental ease, with scattered thoughts. I found that my focus was easily shifted.


Time for our next installment in the search to try them all from Mount Burnin. I’ve been loving everything that I’ve tried recently, and this one is no different. For this particular flower, MB has teamed up with OG Collective to release the Los Angeles exclusive pack, Hollywood. The genetics on this one are under wraps, but this definitely has signature “Candy Silky Gelato” written all over it.

Nose on this pack is a tropical burst of exotic pitted fruit, with a lean towards dryer sheet Zkittles floral candy, along with some nutty, oily musk. Almost like a bottle of Old Grandad 114 was further aged in a barrel that previously held dead animals in preparation for taxidermy. Breaking open the bud reveals fresh evergreen and leathery spiced pepper.

If my pictures and previous words didn’t do these buds justice then I have to apologize because these have been mummified with wraps of trichomes. Inside and out. This is a fantastic batch grown with plenty of TLC.

While most smoke starts revealing its tasting notes on the exhale, this one gives a bit of a rustic chocolate-covered espresso bean roughness on the inhale. Relaxing the lungs begins to muddle bits of pod spices like cardamom onto the palate, while a bread dough-infused fuel brings balance. Lastly, a kind of thick, leathery tawny port tannin crossed with a waste basket lightly finishes the experience. I only wish it was longer.

If you are looking for a solid flower with rotting Zkittles fruit I definitely recommend picking up a pack of this when a fresh drop hits near you. Burnin is churnin’ out the hits, as all the samples I’ve received have been top notch.