Doppelgänger by Fig Farms




Fig Farms


Purple Fig F2 (Tenderloin Pheno)


The Pottery LA


Pineapple Urine, Tropical Ammonia, Woody Potpourri backend. Pissy Pepper core. Vol. 5


Med/small sized selection. Six buds made up my 1/8th. Just perfect humidity, trim, cure,, and health. Outstanding. “A Grade”


Dry Pull: Blackcurrant and Raspberry Sour Patch Kid

Smoke: Steamed Vinegar, Sour Funk, Brine, Oaky Collagen Powder finish. Vol. 4

Vapor: Soil, Mochi Mothballs, Malt.


Moderately Heavy Strength – This one smacks you in the head, leaving you a bit hazy with creeping eyelids. Yet, I feel light and uplifted with tingling body sensations. Heightened senses. Clear mind. A different kind of buzz that I’m not used to feeling.


Years ago, during a Purple Fig F2 pheno hunt, they found a legendary flower that had undeniable stale urine terps, and it was said that the people who smoked it would literally gag. They wanted to release it, but a mislabeled mother meant that the cut was lost forever. And they’ve been searching for a replacement ever since…

Finally, after years of searching they thought they had found the exact same cut, but in the final two weeks of flower this cultivar began to express a newfound tropical complexity that hadn’t shown up in its counterpart, thus it was named Doppelgänger.

I haven’t had anything from Fig from quite a while, but this story and promise of a new terp profile drew me in.

Cracking open the jar I am intially, a little let down, but it still smells fantastic. Much more on the tropical side than the sewage-inspired profile that I thought I might be getting. As my nose settles in the jar… hold up… what, in the fuck, is this? I’m hit with a familiar terp that I thought was gone forever. Old school smokers will know this as Cat Piss. But somehow melded together with this pineapple, kind of floral tropical note that never goes too sweet. It has restrain.

A deep, long breath exposes a classic terp that I found in several Fig flowers over the years – it’s slightly woody, like sawdust with bits of little potpourri in the background. Cracking open the bud is a whole different experience, as the piss starts to really come out along with the caryophyllene black pepper. Almost like smelling carpet that your dog peed on a couple hours ago. It’s wild, and I’m all about it.

Fig Farms is known for their showstopping buds and this jar is no different. They look like they’ve somehow floated right off the stalk, trimmed by magical faeries before it carefully rests in its glass container.

But how does it taste? Doppelgänger hits my palate the weirdest on the inhale, which I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost like you’re wearing a gas mask with a tube connected to a boiling vat containing a slurry of sweet and sour sauce, gherkin pickles, apple cider vinegar, and yeah, a little bit o’ piss. It’s really fuckin’ weird.

For better or worse, the flavor isn’t too potent, dialed back so it doesn’t overhwelm, but yeah it’s something different.

The exhale is more sour and slightly funky more than anything else, kind of like a foeder aged sour beer. The finish is short, containing more oaky notes that sort of roll into slightly bone broth kind of flavor that reminds me of the time I decided to try tasting collagen powder “neat” (by itself) for the fun of it.

As noted above, for me the potency was in the seasoned smokers category, not for rookies at all. Each time I smoked or vaped Doppelgänger I felt a strong sense of enlightenment and energy, while leaving my head pretty hazy letting me know that cannabinoids are definitely kickin’ strong.

That all being said, I really do wish that the flavor was dialed up a bit, and leaning a bit more into those sweeter pineapple notes from the nose. Another reviewer friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed because I didn’t ask if I could quote them is an avid fan of Fig Farms and notes this is definitely a step up in flavor from Purple Fig, but has loads of potential once they really dial it in. And I think that’s very worth doing. This is like nothing else that I know of on the market right now. Great job Fig, can’t wait to see where you take this one with future genetics. A slight bump in score just because it’s so unique.