Emberz Silky by Mount Burnin x Emberz Dispensary


Emberz Silky


Mount Burnin x Emberz Dispensary


Emberz Dispensary




Parmesan Wheel, Foreign Stone Fruit Cleaner, Feral Musk. Vol. 8


Three beautiful large-sized nugs made up my sample. Fantastic humidity, pulls apart from the vine like slow-cooked short rib. Extensive trich coverage. “A+” Grade.


Dry Pull: Candied Anise

Smoke: Key Lime Pie Cream, Leathered Oak, lingering Pod Spice & Dark Berry Gas. Vol. 7

Vapor: Malted Mint, Brown Buttered Hazelnut, lingering Garden Herbs & Juniper Kush. Vol. 7


Moderate Strength – While a session of this herb would knock you down quite a bit, I found that a few hits every hour or two throughout the day kept me on a smooth high for a day where I could be a little more lazy than average. There’s a bit of couch lock symptoms, some heavy body weight, but I pick up the wraparound head pressure with the same level of intensity leading me to believe this is closer to the 50/50 side.


Back with another installment in our Mount Burnin series, this flower, Emberz Silky, is in collaboration with Emberz Dispensary. This one was recently dropped on 4/20 so the bud is still hot off the press.

As a person who dines at In-N-Out way more than any human should, you know I was smirking when I saw Silky lighting up a fat jay in front of the famed SoCal burger establishment.

The nose on Emberz Silky reminds me of some of the best candy Gelato crosses that I’ve ever had, as the pungent parmesan seeps into my senses before a blitz of slightly rotted sweet foreign stone fruit runs over a pack of wild wolf carcasses. Volume is around an 8, so we’ve got plenty of terps without having to dig, these are right up front.

The nugs I received were in perfect condition upon arrival. Loads of purple poking through the sheet of willow jade leaves and kiefy trichs. Breaking down the bud pulls apart quite nicely, with it starting to crumble after a couple weeks of being opened. So this one definitely held up a while for me.

Smoke is filled with loads of tart whipped cream, almost like it’s been infused with bit of key lime rind. My palate picks up a little bit of an oak-aged peat smoke note that I find in Islay whiskeys, which develops quite nicely into a little mace and cardamom with a kiss of cassis-infused diesel.

If you have been sleeping on Mount Burnin then I suggest you definitely grab a new drop from your local dispensary if Emberz isn’t within your vicinity.

While I am personally getting a bit of candy Gelato fatigue, I have to take my bias out of the picture for this review and call this flower for what it is: Top tier product.


Mount Burnin came out with another banger here. This collaboration between Emberz Dispensary is top tier candy gelato with plenty of loud terps that every cannaseur will enjoy.