The Original Z by Doja Pak


The Original Z


Doja Pak


West Campus Exotics


@thefirescale: Grapefruit Floor Cleaner, Tangie Push Up Pop, Tropical Mint core. Vol. 7

@thcspot: Piney Campground, Citrus Funk , Grapefruit Candy and very subtle Fishyness.


@thefirescale Nug selection was one large bud (as pictured), and four smalls to round out the 1/8th. Humidity is okay, trim is fine, cure is excellent. Just a little bit of powdery mildew on the leaves near the stem as I break down the bud. This was consistent by the two 1/8ths reviewed by myself and @theTHCspot – Grade “D+” – Sticky Vol. 2

@thethcspot – My 1/8th came with 3 buds weighing out at 3.6, 2 large and one slightly smaller. The buds were full and round , in comparison to other “z” strains that look leafy and squished . Buds has medium trichomes but loaded with orange hairs. I also noticed a little bit of purple upon breaking it up. Overall consistent composition.


@thefirescale: Grapefruit, Tangie Push Pop, Melted Rainbow Sherbet, hint of Floral Hairspray. Vol. 9

@thethcspot: Rainbow Sherbet , Tangie Citrus with a sharp Piney Tree and Grassyness.


@thefirescale: Average Strength – Joyous and uplifting head high, with some ease of body tension. For me, a “sessionable” flower that will keep me productive throughout the day.

@thcspot: Potency was on point perfect anytime strain. Reduced anxiety, joyful and sparked my creativity. Lit up my senses and brought a huge wave of relaxation followed with clarity. The effects from the “Z” are always nice to me in my opinion. Love this “Original Z”


Big shout out to West Campus Exotics for hooking up this bag and to @TheTHCSpot for collaborating with me on my first dual review! As you can see above, there were some slight differences that we picked up on, and some things that we both found exactly the same.. Always great to hear multiple opinions when you’re making your choice at point of purchase!

Doja Pak is on the docket today, with the cultivar “The Original Z.” While Zkittlez is no doubt a modern classic, some cuts or blends you’ll find has this rank “Grandma’s Perfume” terp that I just cannot get behind.

It is for that reason that I’ve had a gut reaction to raise an eyebrow each time that someone hands me a new flower with Z in it’s lineage because you never know what you’re gonna get. Let’s see what Doja is puttin’ in the pack.

A huge release of terps enter my nose the moment I cut the seal on the pack. Competing with the likes of Harry Houdini, i’s like this bag has been holding its breath since its packing date of just over a week ago.

Initially, the aroma is a bit nutty and roadkill-ish, but as soon as I open the bag that profile completely vanishes as a blast of citrus, with grapefruit rind and “Tangie” push pop as the dominant traits. On the deep inhale, and while breaking open the bud, I’m getting a tropical fruited mint vibe, just like the “Tropical Mentos” that are quite unpopular due to it’s unfamiliarity, but it works here quite splendidly.

As noted above, the bits of mold were trace, but still present. I found myself trimming little bits of stark white patches off so I could pack a bowl full of green. It wasn’t too much that I felt the need to stop smoking the product.

Flavor doesn’t open up until the exhale, but when it does it goes hard. It’s rare that the flavor profile matches the nose so closely that I suffer to come up with any other descriptors. The grapefruit and tangie push pop are right there on the palate, loud and clear.

The retrohale really adds a whole other dimension, as a melted rainbow sherbet just oozes out of my pulmonary system.

Yet, there is something with just a bit of floral acridity on the finish. While it’s not “Grandma’s Perfume,” there is a bit of a dry finish that reminds me of the feeling I get on my tongue when floral hairspray or dry shampoo is used in a small room with no airflow.

So, while I definitely love this flower, and cannot get enough of the flavor… I had to deliberate for much time over #thefirescale rating, and ultimately the health of the flower was a substandard to bump it up where it should be. With that being said, a cautious recommendation.