The Original Pizz∆ by FourScore


The Original Pizz∆




Gelato 41 x (Undisclosed)


Parmesan, Fresh Rubber, Antifreeze, Crayons, Spicy Pizza Crust and Fruit Snacks backend, Spearmint Laundry Detergent core. Vol. 10


Excellent nug selection. Three med/large buds made up my 1/8th. Forest green and autumn orange, royal purple poking out here and there. Grade “A”


Dry Pull: Toasted Mint Funk

Smoke: Tire Fire, Tailpipe, Processed Pizza Cheese, lingering Oily Gas. Vol. 7

Vapor: Nutty Pine, Caraway, lingering Mentos. Vol. 7


Above Average-Heavy Strength – Crushes the mind with its deep headband effect, permeating to the core of my brain. Heavy set eyes. Running thoughts. Body tension relief and deep relaxation. I could smoke this all day every day if I didn’t have 💩 to do.


After a long hiatus, FourScore is back with a project that has been years in the making, The Original Pizz∆ Brand. I’ve dearly missed the batch of FunYummz that FS released a few years ago (11/22/20 is when I posted my review), which was ultra flavorful, unique, and one of my top strains of the year.

If you’re not familiar with FourScore, you can go back to my previous reviews, but FS is a badass culinary genius who has worked in Michelin Star restaurants alongside some of the top chefs in the world. His love for growing higu quality cannabis and food combine to churn out proprietary cultivars that remarkably resemble their inspired titles.

Holy canoli, the nose on Pizz∆ is like walking into Papa John’s that’s been raided by a Little League baseball team and soaked in gasoline. There’s bucketloads of powdered parmesan up front, broken crayons, heavy gas, and something that stings the nostrils like antifreeze.

On the deep inhale there’s a spicy pizza crust and red pepper flakes combined with mixed gelatin fruit snacks. Breaking down the Pizz∆ brings about a bit more fresh rubber along with some scorched mint-scented laundry detergent.

This limited edition small batch flower is honestly way too nice for these mylars, but I do have to mention that the art design is also pretty RAD, giving me some sweet 90’s skateboard vibes. Did I mention that FS also designs their own artwork? That’s some talent.

Pizz∆ smoke is heavy on the intake, with volatiles that hit the back of my throat like I’m riding a bike behind a bus. The exhale gives me burnt tire note with just the slightest hint of hazelnut, followed by a supreme amount of deep fried gas, as it coats my palate with an oily slick on the finish.

The retrohale highlights the fromage that was found on the nose, but it turns more into the chemical cheese that you find at fine pizzerias like Little Caesar’s or Chuck E. Cheese 🤌

Lastly, this Pizz∆ was potent! Leaned more towards the heavy strength than above-average. This is a smoke that you wanna have before taking down a XL Meat Lover’s when your loved ones aren’t around to witness the prehistoric carnage that is about to ensue.

Definitely worth the wait, and picking up if you can find it. I imagine that because of the small quantity this is going to be gone very, very fast.