Lulu’s Lemons by Anti Mids Club


Lulu’s Lemons


Anti Mids Club


Lemon Tree x Gelato


Lemon Floor Cleaner Funk, Kumquat and Grapefruit backend, Keratolysis, Savory Citrus Pepper core. Vol. 7


Four medium-sized nugs made up my 1/8th. Frosty, tight colas with loads of orange pistils poking through. Excellent humidity, trim, and health. Grade “A”


Dry Pull: Oleo Saccharum

Smoke: Lemon Panna Cotta, Vanilla Fuel, Heavy Whipping Cream, Tropical Dough. Vol. 7

Vapor: Malted Lemonhead, Delicate Pine, light notes of Tangerine and Orange. Vol. 8


Medium Strength – 50/50 hybrid that keeps me uplifted, creative, but with heavy eyelids and light body euphoria. Anytime of the day smoke, great for hiking, dog walks, and medicated errand runs.


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity and pleasure to hang out with the crew from Anti Mids Club. With prices climbing higher, and the quality of flower treading lower AMC set out to break the trend, with a commitment to curate some of the best flower in California at prices that tend to be more affordable than the competition.

Fiest thing I notice cracking open the jar is that Lulu’s Lemons has a bite on the nose. Floor cleaner astringency coupled with lemon verbena and a slightly musky backend just scream of it’s Lemon Tree x Gelato roots. Deep breaths reveal grapefruit peel, kumquat, and fungused foot as a slightly bitter tingle sits on top of my palate while opening my mouth during nosing. Breaking down the bud brings about notes of a savory pepper citrus jam.

A whole lotta love and attention went into the cultivation of this flower. The humidity and stick factor receives high marks. When viewed through a jeweler’s loupe I see nothing but healthy flower, amber trichs flying everywhere.

LLL is a definite treat for the palate, conjuring sweet notes of lemon custard and curd, unsweetened heavy cream, gassy vanilla, and tropical dough, almost like a Hi-Chew. The retrohale opens up tiny bits of mango on the release, giving terp connoisseurs plenty to hunt for.

Via vapor, the palate explodes with its juicy citrus, almost pined notes remind me of citra and simcoe hops. A candy lemon and beer biscuit seasoning comes through on subsequent hits.

First impressions are everything and I gotta say, Anti Mids Club knocked it outta the park with their selection and initial flower offerings to build their brand on. If you have the opportunity to pick some up, be sure to also check out Shark Bite and Fugu. Definitely looking forward to seeing what this team does in the future – for it looks bright.