Gelato 41 by OG Sinsemilla


Gelato 41


OG Sinsemilla


Bonafide Maywood

Top Terps:

Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Humulene.


$35 out the door w/ taxes


Nutty Musk, Toasted Mint & Mustard Seed, Ammonia, Pool Water backend. Vol. 3


Med-sized nugs. Tight, purple colas with the flower a forest green base coat stacked against neon orange pistils. Fine humidity and trim. Excellent health. Grade “B”


Malted Melted Rubber, Trashy Corn Nuts, Dried Earth, lingering Spent Oil & Naphthalene. Vol. 5


Moderate Strength – Evenly distributed head and body high with the ever so slightest edge towards some frontal lobe pressure compression and fuzzy wraparound headband effects. Calming, soothing body relief. Sessionable for the daily smoker, hard hitting for the casual consumer.


While price can be an indicator of quality, that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to find quality herb. With 1/8ths clocking in at half of the ticket price compared to the average exotic selection, that’s exactly the goal with the flower from OG Sinsemilla. I tried three of the brand new offerings to the market: God’s Breath, SFVTK, and Gelato 41, with the latter being my favorite of them all.

Each opaque jar came with a freshness seal to lock in humidity and terps on their respective package date just less than 3 weeks before I got to them.

Upon lifting the seal, you should notice the classic hazelnut musk protruding from the jar as it glides into your olfactory system. Further nosing reveals several volatiles that simulate a “spice” of some kind: toasted mint, an almost worcestershire, cracked mustard seed, balanced with some ammonia and a dash of pool water on the backend.

No cap, I’ve seen buds this nice end up in mylar packs twice it’s price. Structurally, this is a great looking Gelato, and reminds me of some of the cuts that I’ve seen come from the Cookies family.

Those familiar with classic Gelato will not be let down as the most dominant flavor is that rubbery goodness that we equate to erasers, tires, and baby bottle nipples. There’s a hint of malt that becomes more present during vaporization but is still present during combustion.

A nutty, musky, almost savory trash dips onto the palate for a moment which reminds me of original flavored corn nuts if I had picked them out of a dumpster filled with half rotten bananas and plastic food packaging. There’s a hint of dusty earth on the backend before settling into an oily, mothball-like finish.

Gelato can definitely bring your palate for a ride and this one is no exception.

As inflation causes us to rethink some of our spending habits, some people are looking for a little more bang for their buck and opting for a brand like OG Sinsemilla might just be the very thing that you are looking for.