Sour Candy by Doja


Sour Candy




West Campus Exotics


Guava Oreoz x (Gelato x Blue Cookies)


Sweet Fruity Candy, Herbal Cheese Musk, White Out, Iodine. Vol. 7


One champion nug with a few smalls to round out the 1/8th. Willow jade hue with some dusty green edges poking out here and there. Top notch humidity and cure. Fine trim. Not very sticky, but excellent overall. Grade “A”


Sour Kushy Flour, Blackcurrant, Elderflower Gas, lingering Hashy Dough. Vol. 6


Average Strength – Uplifting and euphoric. Alert, but peaceful. For me, this is more of an eye-opening, brain tickler with some mild body relaxation.


Shoutout to West Campus Exotics for being such a G and making sure I’m caught up with some of the newest flavors from the big-wheel, Doja. This particular cultivar, Sour Candy, has some mouth watering genetics. Let’s see how this batch turned out.

Before I pull out a nug, a deft blend of sweet and fruity terps make up the nose hit my senses, leaving me with high expectations for the smoke. Think about fruity, chewy Lifesavers (if they even still make those… good Lord I’m showing my age here.)

As I dig in further there’s an herbal quality, like Ginseng with a musky flair and slight muenster cheese backend. There’s a weird note that comes into play last. Kind of a latex-infused paint that reminds me of White Out crossed with a bit of pool water and brine, which reminds me of iodine. Really impressive aroma!

Via combustion, I found the smoke to be ultra smooth on the throat and lungs. Whoever cultivated this herb did a great job as the flavors perfectly mimic the nose while still holding a unique experience on its own.

As the smoke rolled off my palate, I was surprised to discover a real tangy kushy vibe that caught me off guard. As the flavor morphed, I got bits of raw baking flour sprinkled in there before arriving at the Ginseng that I found in the nose. Instead, it present itself in the form of elderflower, as I was reminded of St. Germain liqueur for a trace moment in time. There’s just a tiny bit of fruit, but it’s more of a dark blackcurrant, a little more subtle than I would like, but I’m not complaining as there’s a whole lot going on here. The breath finishes with a lingering hashy dough.

For fear of sounding too superfluous, I’m gonna wrap it up. Check out the pictures and score. Leave a comment below if you had a chance to snag this exclusive batch of Sour Candy.