Midnight Run by SF Canna Co.


Midnight Run


SF Canna Co.


Bonafide Maywood




Grape Tootsie Roll Pop, Florist Shop, Sweet Musk. Vol. 4


Dark blackberry purple hue. Fine nug selection. A little more crunchy than I prefer, but still burns well. Trim and health of bud look alright. Grade “B”


Sweet Earth, Pepper, Floral Stalk, Cream. Vol. 3


Average Strength – Relaxing, smooth body tingles w/ light muscle relaxation. Just a whisper of head pressure. Definitely lumped into the “indica” category.


SF Canna Co. has been steadily gathering buzz in the recreational market. This drop of Midnight Run available at Bonafide Maywood comes in right at that medium-tier ticket, but claims to be nothing but the highest quality flower.

Your nose is greeted by sweet, dark fruit confectionery notes from the bag, which are accentuated even more when broken/ground up. A bit of sweet soil and stalk remind me of the sensation I get when walking into the refrigerated section of a florist shop. I do wish that the aroma was a littlemore robust, but it is still fairly easy to pick up.

Under a flashlight, the color is a most vibrant “Joker Purple” against the shimmering, dewey trichs. As noted above, I wish there was a little more sponginess to the product, but it’s not too crunchy just yet.

On the palate, a creamy floral note is introduced on the inhale with a slight sweet earthiness. The exhale has a slight vegetal note that gently suggests the idea of chewing on the green stalk of an orchid, with a little bit of a hashy black pepper note on the side. Lastly, note the lingering cream finish that really ties up the flavor profile and provides structure. Like the aroma though, this could use some extra volume to really stand out as it is a bit subdued.

As far as effects go, this is a bit more on the mellow, relaxed side. I could see this being a nice end cap to the night without getting too stoney and internal. Sometimes strong indicas will leave my mind racing as I try to drift to sleep, but this will leave your mind clear and open to snoozing.

Coming in at 25%-30% cheaper than some of the exotic packs that it sits next to on the shelf, SF Canna Co. is absolutely a worthy pick up for the ticket. If you’re hunting for aggressively loud volume and hard-hitting effects I would probably lean towards going with trying something else, but this is a perfect bridge between that gap of value and quality and to be honest I’ve definitely come across much less superior product on the top shelf.