Mama Miche by Empire Genetics


Mama Miche


Empire Genetics


LCG Backcross


Pistachio Cake, Wintergreen, Burnt Rubber, Orange Rind. Vol. 7


Small, frosty nugs with a dark purple hue throughout. A little bit of snap and crisp powder when breaking down the material – common with LCG crosses. Trim & Health look excellent. “B+”


Juicy Fruit Candy punch, Gassy Bread.


Heavy Strength Indeed. Huge, swampy head buzz with creeping eyelids and temple pressure that wraps around the forehead. A body high that makes you float and tingle so be careful if you decide to mix and mingle.


We’ve found ourselves with a pack of Mama Miche from Empire Genetics, who has been releasing some stellar product in case you haven’t noticed.

When I picked up my package I was informed that this flower is a product of an elite cut of Lemon Cherry Gelato that was back-crossed with another LCG from the same undisclosed breeder.

Having never heard the word, “Miche” before, my curious self was determined to find the answer, even if it took me down a dark Google rabbit hole that I knew I shouldn’t let myself go down for just the sake of a weed article… but I did it anyhow.

The most popular result that popped up was a loaf of sourdough bread that looked quite delicious, which the French call, “Miche.” Very nice, but does that mean that the strain is called Mama Bread? Maybe. Let’s do some more digging…

Another possible result is that there is a Venezuela liqueur entitled, “Miche”, which is made from fermented fennel and several sugar cane panelas. Fascinating, but probably not the Miche we are looking for.

And then it struck me, Miche must just be a made up name for this character, a bull on the package who looks tough as bricks but is having quite a remarkably difficult time dismounting the guitar-playing skeleton who leisurely rides on its back.

Finally, I realized. It’s the same answer that I come to again and again when searching for the meaning of life and other existential thoughts that plague me on a day-to-day basis, “It doesn’t matter.” On to the weed review!

Opening the package reveals a very pleasant sweet scent like a nutty cake topped with powdered sugar. There’s just the slightest hint of dehydrated cheese, but I would have guessed this is some sort of MAC cross judging from a familiar terp that is present. There’s a bit of wintergreen and tire fire, while the backend hosts shavings of orange rind and expressed citrus oils.

Structurally, the bud isn’t the prettiest – nugs are a little small, there’s a bit of that familiar LCG crumble powder when pinching the flower off the stem. But it’s fine, as it looks covered in trichomes against a sugary purple hue.

Mama Miche tastes like one of the juiciest batches of Runtz you’ll every have, with a motherboard of mixed fruit hard candy enveloping my palate. As the smoke rolls off my palate and the flavor lingers, a sweet bread note comes into play, reminding me of select pastries I’ve had from our fantastic Panaderias in the City of Angels. So maybe Mama Bread is more appropriate than I thought.

As noted above, the effects on this one are killer, definitely one of the strong suits for this flower. In all, Empire Genetics has released a stellar batch of flower here that has strong, inviting flavor, great taste, and potency to back it up. Well done, looking forward to reviewing their Gelato 41 here next.