Gelato 41 by Empire Genetics


Gelato 41


Empire Genetics


Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies


Fresh Rubber Glove, Stinky Hard Cheese, Mixed Nuts, Peppery Grilled Onion core. Vol 8.


Small/medium-sized cone shaped pellets with fiery orange hairs that rest against the pimento olive green flower. Excellent humidity and health. Loaded with trichs. Not a showstopper, but turns a few heads. Grade “A-“


Oaky BBQ, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Fresh Fuel & Kush. Vol. 8


Above-Average Strength: Extremely mellow, floating body buzz experience, with mild, warping head pressure focused on the temples. Calm, peaceful. Scattered thoughts, yet easy to shut off. Great for meditation.


There’s an old saying that goes, “Imitation is the best form or flattery.” To that note, Gelato 41 should be more than smitten with the amount of growers that have tried to imitate this classic Sherbinski cut. Imitated by the mass scale corporate growers who only look at the numbers on paper and not the plants or consumers. But today, that’s not what we are reviewing. We got a fire old skool batch of Gelato 41, sourced by Empire Genetics.

This one reeks of hard stinky cheese goodness, and a mix of nuts like pistachio, hazelnut, and peanut shells. On the backend there’s a strong, rubbery surgical glove kinda kick that creeps in quite nicely.

Breaking open the bud reveals a terpene that could be described as a stack of grilled onions that were cooked in a solera style sauce of pepper and grease.

How all this translates to the palate is quite interesting. On the inhale, a bit of activated charcoal and oak, it tastes very “smoked” indeed. Toasted sunflower seeds and the slightest tinge of hazelnut tease the palate before resting into gas and Play-Doh.

On low temp combustion, and even more through vaporization, a bonafide Kush note comes through – real earthy, piney, and malty all at the same time – along with fresh fuel that reminds me of some of the best Jet Fuel I’ve had. Spectacular flavor.

With regards to the “Effect” category, I feel like I’ve covered everything up top, with the exception of me noting that this is some lazy-ass weed, man. Don’t plan on doing anything really all that productive after you smoke summa this, cause yeah, you’re mind is probably gonna get distracted. And for most people, that’s a good thing, but should be noted before you decide to blaze up with this in the mornin’.

I conclude with a strong recommendation to try this one out if you: a) have been missing or looking for a good cut of G41, cause this is it. b) are new to trying out different strains and haven’t had G41 by itself, definitely educate your nose and palate with this. c) well…maybe you just like what you hear. Nice job with this one Empire Genetics.