Crushmallow Z by 12 Alarm Fire


Crushmallow Z


12 Alarm Fire


OG Nation Maywood (formerly Bonafide)


Ammonia, Sweet Cheese, White Grapefruit Oil, Menthol, Musky Foreign Fruit, Dry Rub & Black Pepper. Vol. 8


Med/Small-sized nugs. Z phenos aren’t known to produce gigantic buds, so no disappointment here. The flower looks healthy, sparkling with trichomes, and cured extremely well. “A” Grade


Pine, Lavender, Holitosis, Lemon, Clementine, Kushy Soap, Creamy Malt. Vol. 8


Medium/High Strength – Huge headband pressure, creeping eyelids, bloodshot eyes. Fuzzy, hazy head high. Loose limbs, heavy shoulders, muscle relief. Elevated heart rate.


Crushmallow Z by 12 Alarm Fire immediately caught my attention while navigating the newest drops over at OG Nation in Maywood, which was formerly known as Bonafide. It wasn’t just the fancy die-cut packaging, but the structure of the buds and my desire to smoke a new Zkittlez pheno sealed the deal.

Upon opening the pack I am delighted at the bouquet wafting into my senses, and for the first time in a while, taken aback by how complex the nose is. Up front is a bit of floor cleaner that’s lightly complemented by a citrus, close to grapefruit, yet unique in its own right. A hint of menthol that almost turns into antifreeze, but stabilizes before crossing the line.

There’s a bit of sweet cheese, something you’d find in a breakfast danish. The backend is reserved for an aroma of foreign fruit preserve. When breaking open the bud, I found there to be a real savory quality, almost like a dry rub that’s been massaged into a cut of beef, with a lot of fresh ground black pepper on top.

When smoking Crushmallow Z through low temperature combustion you’ll find a plethora of flavor packed inside. On the inhale I found a smooth OG-like pine coming in nice and subtle until an herbaceous lavender rolls into the mix starting on the exhale. It gets wild as a touch of funky bad breath mixes with sour citrus and a kushy soapiness on the backend. Finally, an uber creamy unflavored malt milkshake finishes the profile while all the forementioned terps linger on the mind.

As noted above, for me, this flower was on the heavier side. The kind of herb that makes you feel like your center of gravity is off. 12 Alarm Fire has been known to put out some real potent product so I’m not surprised of the quality here.

If you’ve made it this far then it should be no surprise that this batch of Crushmallow Z earns one of my strongest recommendations. For the terps and the effects, this one is an all-around knockout.