The Liz by Squints x Foreign Genetics


The Liz


Squints x Foreign Genetics


OG Nation Maywood




Sweet Stone Fruit, Hard Cheese, Ammonia, Permanent Marker & Peppery Funk core. Vol. 8


Medium/small pear-shaped nugs. Excellent humidity, cure, and health. Dense, yet fluffy. Grade “A”


Hazelnut, Doughy Funk, Rich Fuel, light Sour Fruit. Vol. 7


Moderate Strength – Uplifiting and euphoric head high. Some users may experience a little tickle on the back of their neck, light opening of their third eye, and loose limbs. Muscle relief is present but the mind-warping effects take precedent. Fantastic for meditation, anxiety relief, and centering the soul.


“The Liz,” a collaboration between Squints x Foreign Genetics, catches your eye from across the room thanks to the surrealist and subversive pop-culture artwork from artist Isaac Pelayo. Social media has been abuzz ever since its release, with the comment section filled with fire emojis and fans proclaiming they’d pick up a pack for the art alone. Let’s check out what’s inside…

Ripe notes of sweet stone fruit, hard cheese, and a touch of ammonia entice the senses from the moment you break the seal. Breaking open the bud reveals unscented smelly marker coupled with a peppery, caryophyllene funk.

On the palate, The Liz does not disappoint. A touch of hazelnut and doughy funk are up front, so naturally a Sunset Sherb-ness comes to mind. But a rich fuel comes in similar to a Jet Fuel cross, while a lingering gelato-like sour fruit rides in late to finish it all off. At low temperature, the OG pine and rich fuel become boosted to the max. This would make a killer concentrate.

As the smoke clears, you can immediately feel a head change. Like Lizzy’s third-eye on the front of the package, this one goes directly to your forehead. With a long session that goes beyond just an average session, the heavy body sedation really starts to kick in.

Without knowing the genetics, and judging by the smell, taste, and feel alone, this flower gives me the vibes that a Black Cherry Gelato x Jet Fuel cross would. So it’s in good company, to say the least. Worthy of its legendary source of inspiration, The Liz is definitely a strong pick up next time you see it at OG Nation.