RS-11 by Connected x Doja




Connected x Doja


OG Nation Maywood


Eucalyptus, Menthol, Lime, Sour Fruit, Candied Lemon Rind, Savory Black Pepper core. Vol. 8


Pale green, medium/small-sized nugs lightly adorned with pastel orange hairs. Trichomes look like an overcast haze wrapping around the bud as opposed to a shower of dewy drops. Tight and compact in structure, good health, fine trim. Grade “A-“


Mixed Citrus Sorbet, Sherbet Cream, Crushed Juniper, Pine Sap, Funky & Toasted Gas. Vol. 7


Medium Strength – Evenly matched head and body high. A little hazy up top, with a slight tickle around the forehead and microbits of head pressure. Loosey goosey limbs and a thin blanket of body euphoria. Calming, a little spacey, with a minor sensitivity to light and sound.


Straight outta the soft-serve machine, the famed RS-11, is a swirling collab between cannabis giants Connected x Doja. This anticipated release comes packed in a signature Collected glass jar, fully laden with neon green and purple artwork that looks like it dropped out of a 90’s racing arcade game that takes you through Miami Beach.

Popping open the jar reveals the familiar fruity sherbet terps that one would expect, but an added layer of menthol and eucalyptus – almost like a special edition “Cannabis Ricola” that’s been dipped in an herbal essential oil. Lime is prominent, as the fruit aromas escaping are on the sour side. Breaking open the bud opens up the caryophyllene disguised as an aroma of savory black pepper.

Cosmetically, this is what you’d expect from any top-shelf jar from Connected. Tight, compact nugs that hold an overcast layer of frosty trichomes. Flower is healthy, cured and trimmed well. Nothing to complain of here.

Combustion of the herb summons rich, sugary flavors to the palate – expect a strong mixed citrus note up front that will have you picking out new notes with each puff. Sherbet Cream adds a layer of smoothness throughout, while peppercorn and pine sap add the herbaceousness. Funky gelato notes push through at the end, enveloped by a blast of dirty gas. Definitely a complex makeup.

This batch of RS-11 weighs in at over 35% total cannabinoids, so this has been bred for both flavor and potency. Users can expect symptoms that won’t necessarily drag them down, but leave them inspired, uplifted, and calm. The perfect kind of strain to wake n’ bake with, or smoke before taking a long walk with the dog, the park, etc.

For those that had the original iteration of RS-11, this doesn’t quite have that intense zing, but this is still clearly cut from the family. If you missed out, then now is a good entry point to discover what all the hype is about. Rainbow Sherbet #11 has quickly gained legendary status since it’s initial release, flying off the shelves and making its way from coast to coast. I’d recommend this version, as it checked off all the right boxes, but just be aware that it’s just a shadow from what was released a few years ago.