Rainbow Road Runtz by Sexpot


Rainbow Road Runtz




OG Nation Maywood


Toasted Mint, Aged Hard Cheese, Exotic Fruit, hint of Antifreeze. Vol. 5


Medium-sized, pale white frosted nugs. Braided and dense. Trim is just fine and humidity is okay. Grade “B+”


Medicinal Cherry Gas, Lemon Soaked Ammonia, Wet Paper Straw, Envelope Sealer. Vol. 5


Light/Med Strength – Relaxing and somewhat euphoric. Even mix of body and head high. Sessionable daytime smoke that will provide anxiety relief for some. Great for smoking while still staying alert for work, errands, etc.


Merriam-Webster defines the word sex-pot informally as a sexy person. Although I’ve never heard the colloquial term before, I can appreciate the play on words for the cannabis brand’s flower we are reviewing today: Sexpot.

Rainbow Road Runtz has made its way onto the market and on the shelves at OG Nation Maywood, which is always stocking the latest and greatest strains. This Indica Hybrid weighs in at just a hair above 40% total cannabinoids.

Ripping open the package sends a steady stream of terps into my senses. Wild, toasted mint holds the position up front, while bits of hard cheese start to creep in lightly. Exotic fruit makes an appearance, which is to be expected from any Runtz cross. Lastly, a drop of antifreeze and very light rubber make up the backend of the aroma. Overall, very inviting.

Structurally, I was taken aback by the size of these Runtzy nugs. It’s common to find small, popcorn-sized nugs from this family of flower crosses, but not this pack. Instead, medium-sized, thick, coiled and braided buds are found. Sexpot does a fantastic job with nug selection, and only chooses the best to release. Humidity is solid, with just the right amount of stickyness, while being dry enough to grind up and work the product with ease.

On the palate, expect a big burst of slightly medicinal cherry – think Vick’s or Ricola – set against a backdrop of escaped-from-the-canister butane gas. Next, lemon floor cleaner drops in before giving way to the finishing notes of wet paper straw and envelope sealer. A strange, yet unique way to round out the flavor profile keeps the consumer coming back for subsequent hits, searching for new terps.

A sessionable smoke for the daily smoker, RRRuntz will lift you up in the morning or keep you calm midday without restricting your mind or weighing down the body. While it does lean towards indica dominance, this strain won’t drag the user into couch lock or any debilitating symptoms.

On paper, Rainbow Road Runtz does appear to share many traits with Lemon Cherry Gelato. Still, I do think that this strain has enough unique qualities that warrant the Runtz category title rather than calling it an LCG variation. All in all, Sexpot did a good job with this one, offering quality bud at a very reasonable ticket.