The Original Z by Doja Pak

Cultivar: The Original Z Who: Doja Pak Where: West Campus Exotics Aroma: @thefirescale: Grapefruit Floor Cleaner, Tangie Push Up Pop, Tropical Mint core. Vol. 7 @thcspot: Piney Campground, Citrus Funk , Grapefruit Candy and very subtle Fishyness. Composition: @thefirescale Nug selection was one large bud (as pictured), and four smalls to round out the 1/8th. […]

Emberz Silky by Mount Burnin x Emberz Dispensary

Cultivar: Emberz Silky Who: Mount Burnin x Emberz Dispensary Where: Emberz Dispensary Lineage: Undisclosed Aroma: Parmesan Wheel, Foreign Stone Fruit Cleaner, Feral Musk. Vol. 8 Composition: Three beautiful large-sized nugs made up my sample. Fantastic humidity, pulls apart from the vine like slow-cooked short rib. Extensive trich coverage. “A+” Grade. Palate: Dry Pull: Candied Anise […]

Mount Zereal Kush by Cannabiotix

Cultivar: Mount Zereal Kush Who: Cannabiotix Where: Bonafide Maywood Lineage: Kush Mountains x Zereal Milk Aroma: Lemon Cookie Dough, Spearmint Kush, Cherrywood, OG Kush “freshness” backend. Fried Sage & Minted Lemon Rind core. Vol. 7 Composition: One large nug and two mediums. Excellent selection. Defines the term, “Sticky Icky,” as it’s resin-coated flower becomes glued […]

Doppelgänger by Fig Farms

Cultivar: Doppelgänger Who: Fig Farms Lineage: Purple Fig F2 (Tenderloin Pheno) Where: The Pottery LA Aroma: Pineapple Urine, Tropical Ammonia, Woody Potpourri backend. Pissy Pepper core. Vol. 5 Composition: Med/small sized selection. Six buds made up my 1/8th. Just perfect humidity, trim, cure,, and health. Outstanding. “A Grade” Palate: Dry Pull: Blackcurrant and Raspberry Sour […]

Hollywood Silky by Mount Burnin x OG Collective

Cultivar: Hollywood Silky Who: Mount Burnin x OG Collective Aroma: Foreign Stone Fruit Floor Cleaner, Camphor, Oily Hazelnut Musk, Balsamic Rosemary backend. Evergreen Bergamot core. Vol. 8 Composition: Brilliant, large/med nug selection. Extensive trichome coverage. Excellent humidity, trim, cure, and health. “A” Grade. Palate: Dry Pull: Maple Macaroon Smoke: Mocha, Pod Spice, Yeasty Gas, lingering […]

Mamey Milk by Mamey’s Bodega

Cultivar: Mamey Milk Who: Mamey’s Bodega Where: Imperial Club Aroma: Spent Motor Oil, Kraft Powdered Parmesan, Sweaty Dirt, Mint Chocolate Gas, Pool Water & Bubblegum Dryer Sheet core. Vol. 6 Composition: Med/Small nug selection. Definitely an LCG cut of some kind, so, average for its size. Humidity is just in the sweet spot for any […]

Platinum Haupia by Shopping Carts x Mount Burnin

Cultivar: Platinum Haupia Who: Shopping Carts x Mount Burnin Where: Bonafide Maywood Aroma: Sweetgrass, Permanent Marker, Sweet Potato, Armpit Sweat, Rubbery Vanilla, Bing Cherry Seawater core. Vol. 4 Composition: Frosty jade buds with little bits of commando green poking through, blood purple leaves here and there. Nug selection is comprised of smalls with a single […]

Cherry Lemonade by Empire Genetics

Cultivar: Cherry Lemonade Who: Empire Genetics Lineage: Amarena de Limon pheno Market: Traditional Aroma: Cherry Permanent Marker, Pledge, Spearmint Rubber, Grapefruit Push Pop. Vol. 9 Composition: Midnight purple flower with a sleet of snowy green kief. Humidity is great. Trim could use a little more love, but the flower looks healthy through 25x magnification. Nickel-sized […]

Silky Montana by Mount Burnin Farms

Cultivar: Silky Montana Who: Mount Burnin Farms Market: Regulated & Traditional Aroma: Grana Padano, Foreign Fruit Musk, Astringent Stone Fruit, Roadkill. Composition: Med/large nug selection. A bit kiefy, similar structure to LCG crosses. Perfect humidity, excellent cure, health. “A” Grade Palate: Dry Pull: Good & Plenty Candy Smoke: Tart & Gassy Cream, Leather, lingering Spiced […]

Sakuma Drops by Mamey’s Bodega

Cultivar: Sakuma Drops Who: Mamey’s Bodega Lineage: LCG Cross Aroma: Cherry Cheese Danish, Jolly Rancher Musk, Savory Pepper, Sour Foot Astringency. Composition: Kiefy, forest green flower with bits of royal purple poking through. Nug selection is mostly small/med buds, common for LCG crosses. Humidity is damn near perfect, leaving a sticky, fruity glue on my […]


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