ZEROFUX by ZeroFux x The Juicery

Cultivar: ZEROFUX Who: @zerofuxthecannabisconnoiseur x Lineage: Unknown Mystical Gelato Cross Stats: Who dafux cares? Market: Traditional Where: From the man himself, @zerofuxthecannabisconoisseur Price: Can you put a price on friendship? This sample was given to me. Aroma: Lysol, Rubber Tire, Permanent Marker, Trashy Black Pepper core with a hint of Spearmint. Composition: Medium-sized nugs. […]

Skyward Sword by Hylia Farms

Cultivar: Skyward Sword Who: Hylia Farms Lineage: Gelato x Kush Mints Where: Sample was given to me from a friend. Price: I think this goes for around $550/ounce Aroma: Nutty Pool Water, Cookie Dough, Old & Dusty Feet, hint of Pine & Paint. Composition: A Grade. Excellent humidity, trim/manicure. Nice nug selection with large/med buds. […]

Revenge of the Ronin by Naga Industries

Cultivar: Revenge of the Ronin Who: Naga Industries Lineage: Runtz x Runtz Market: Traditional Where: Samples were given to me by Naga Industries Price: 👆 Aroma: Fruit Leather Musk, light Parmesan, Savory Black Pepper Funk core. Composition: Med/Large nug selection. Extremely dense. Humidity, trim, manicure are a-okay. Palate: Dry Pull: Sour Fruit & Cannabis Leaf […]

Dino Duck by Jelly Cannabis Co. x Gooniez x Ted’s Budz

Cultivar: Dino Duck Who: Jelly Cannabis Co. x Gooniez x Ted’s Budz Lineage: Unknown Stats: 32.04% Total Cannabinoids Market: Regulated Dispensary: Cookies Maywood Price: $60 +taxes Aroma: Ammonia, Sun-Ripened Exotic Fruit, Chamomile, Keratolysis. Composition: Med/small buds. Humidity/trim/manicure are fine. Iced out, kiefy exterior. Some stick to the bud, but not too bad for a dispo […]

The Doggy Bagg by Cookies x Snoop Dogg x Grandiflora

Cultivar: The Doggy Bagg Who: Cookies x Grandiflora x Snoop Dogg Lineage: Project 4516 x Zkittlez #18 Stats: 21% Total Cannabinoids Market: Regulated Dispensary: Cookies Maywood Price: A staggering $75 + taxes w/ no discount… $100+ out the door FML Aroma: Grungy Musk, Nutty Rubber, Ammonia, Lemon Pledge, Mustard Seed Wasabi Pepper core. Composition: Med/large […]

Blue Slush by Seven Leaves

Cultivar: Blue Slush Who: Seven Leaves Lineage: Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert Stats: 30.5% Total Cannabinoids Market: Regulated Where: Calma West Hollywood Price: $45+taxes Aroma: Rubber (new shoes), Melted PushPop, Lightly Spoiled Mango Milk, Lemon Soap & Rotten Pepper core. Composition: Medium large nug w/ a few mediums. Excellent nug selection. Humidity is a tad […]

Bleu Zlushie by LA Traffic

Cultivar: Bleu Zlushie Who: LA Traffic Lineage: Ice Cream Cake x Grapefruit Zkittlez x Gelato 41 Stats: 28% Total Cannabinoids Market: Regulated Dispo: BackpackBoyz LA Price: $75 out the door Aroma: Citrus Peel Soap, Skunky Ammonia, Dryer Sheet, Fruit Punch Saltwater Taffy core. Composition: Medium-sized buds with a couple smalls thrown in for weight. Humidity […]

Blue Guava Gelato by BackpackBoyz

Cultivar: Blue Guava Gelato Who: BackpackBoyz Lineage: ? Stats: 30% Total Cannabinoids Market: Traditional Dispensary: BackpackBoyz LA Price: $75 out the door Aroma: Grungy Nuts, light Parmesan edge, hint of Astringent Mint, Sizzling White Onion and Savory Black Pepper core. Composition: Small, sticky buds. Very weak trim and manicure. Cure is excellent. C+ Flavor: Dry […]

Pink Pineapple by The Ten Co.

Cultivar: Pink Pineapple Who: The Ten Co. Lineage: Unknown Market: Traditional Where: Imperial Club LA Price: $60 Aroma: Dragonfruit, Laundry Sheet, Citrus Peel, Lavender. Palate: Dry Pull: Tart Floral Quality Combustion: Pitaya, Mellow Sweet Fruit, Velveeta Cheese & Tart Butane finish. Vapor: Fresh Herb & Anise, Malted Skunky Pine, Chamomile finish. Effect: Average/Medium Strength – […]

Grape Goddess by Cream of the Crop

Cultivar: Grape Goddess Who: Cream of the Crop Lineage: Grape Stomper x Green Goddess Stats: 37.15% Total Cannabinoids 1.28% Total Terpenes Top Terps: Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool. Market: Regulated Price: I think this goes for about $70+. This 1/8th was given to me directly from the company. Aroma: Sweet Dried Fruit, Isopropyl Skunk, Mint Ammonia, Licorice […]


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