Zkittlez (Persy Flower) by 710 Labs

Cultivar: Zkittlez (Persy Flower) Who: 710 Labs Where: Bonafide Maywood Aroma: Lavender & Basil Soap, Baking Soda, Dryer Sheet, Pomelo & Clementine Rind. Vol. 6 Composition: (4) Medium-sized nugs made up my eighth. A little airy, squishy, and sticky. Excellent humidity and trim. Looks like this flower has been grown and handled with extreme care […]

Triple Lindy by Blueprint

Cultivar: Triple Lindy Who: Blueprint Where: Bonafide Maywood Lineage: Unknown Top Terps: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Humulene, Pinene Aroma: Mixed Nuts, Melted Tire, Pink Eraser, Animal Musk, Tropical Fruit backend. Vol. 8 Composition: Medium-sized nugs. Excellent humidity, trim, cure, and selection. Mostly pale green throughout, lightly frosted, dewey small trichomes. Palate: Sour Cream, Fresh Fuel, Peanut […]

Pantera Limone by Connected

Cultivar: Pantera Limone Who: Connected Where: Bonafide Maywood Aroma: Gassy Lemon Jelly Belly, Sour Earth Fresh Laundry backend. Vol. 6 Composition: Medium-sized fluffy nugs. Excellent humidity, trim, and cure. A little bit of stickyness throughout. Grade “A+” Palate: Lemon Curd Bavarian Cream, Raw Sugar Cookie & Phyllo Dough. Vol 5. Effect: Medium Strength – Energetic, […]

Sour Candy by Doja

Cultivar: Sour Candy Who: Doja Where: West Campus Exotics Lineage: Guava Oreoz x (Gelato x Blue Cookies) Aroma: Sweet Fruity Candy, Herbal Cheese Musk, White Out, Iodine. Vol. 7 Composition: One champion nug with a few smalls to round out the 1/8th. Willow jade hue with some dusty green edges poking out here and there. […]

Gelato 41 by OG Sinsemilla

Cultivar: Gelato 41 Who: OG Sinsemilla Where: Bonafide Maywood Top Terps: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Humulene. Price: $35 out the door w/ taxes Aroma: Nutty Musk, Toasted Mint & Mustard Seed, Ammonia, Pool Water backend. Vol. 3 Composition: Med-sized nugs. Tight, purple colas with the flower a forest green base coat stacked against neon orange pistils. […]

Bubblegum Popperz by Superdope x Hi Tech x Fear of Boof

Cultivar: Bubblegum Popperz Who: Superdope x Hi Tech x Fear of Boof Aroma: Fresh Linen, Crushed Star Anise Pod, Sharpie, Rubbery Black Pepper core. Vol. 8 Composition: Large, frosty green buds packed with wild orange rope hairs as far as the eye can see. Humidity, trim, and health are excellent. “A Grade” Palate: Envelope Sealer […]

WowDatsFire by Official Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co.

Cultivar: WOWDATSFIRE Who: Official Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co. Where: Bonafide Maywood Aroma: Pink Eraser, Lavender, Ammonia, Kraft American Singles. Vol. 3 Composition: Small-small/med buds. Some nugs are diamond encrusted deep purple while others are a snowy jade with minimal trich coverage. Excellent humidity and health. Fine trim. Grade “C” Palate: Spiced Earth, Fuel, Mothball, […]

Lulu’s Lemons by Anti Mids Club

Cultivar: Lulu’s Lemons Who: Anti Mids Club Lineage: Lemon Tree x Gelato Aroma: Lemon Floor Cleaner Funk, Kumquat and Grapefruit backend, Keratolysis, Savory Citrus Pepper core. Vol. 7 Composition: Four medium-sized nugs made up my 1/8th. Frosty, tight colas with loads of orange pistils poking through. Excellent humidity, trim, and health. Grade “A” Palate: Dry […]

Melted Sherb by Cookies x Traditional

Cultivar: Melted Sherb Who: Cookies x Traditional Where: Bonafide Maywood Lineage: Gelato 41 x Sunset Sherbet Aroma: Musky Fruit Roll Up, Fabric Softener, Feral backend, Minty Pepper Jam core. Vol. 5 Composition Small/Med-sized nugs made up the 1/8th, pretty poor selection. Humidity is great, as the kiefy exterior keep in tact on the breakdown. Leaves […]

The Original Pizz∆ by FourScore

What: The Original Pizz∆ Who: FourScore Lineage: Gelato 41 x (Undisclosed) Aroma: Parmesan, Fresh Rubber, Antifreeze, Crayons, Spicy Pizza Crust and Fruit Snacks backend, Spearmint Laundry Detergent core. Vol. 10 Composition: Excellent nug selection. Three med/large buds made up my 1/8th. Forest green and autumn orange, royal purple poking out here and there. Grade “A” […]


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